Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

Project Details
Project Details

“The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is a tribute to Roosevelt’s reflections on the landscape, his dedication to environmental stewardship, and his periods of introspection and civic engagement. Visitors will be able to ascend the accessible rooftop for commanding views of the National Park”, including the incredible bluffs and canyons making up the Badlands.

The single-story 93,000 sq. ft. building is largely constructed utilizing renewable materials and sets a new standard for sustainable design in the region.

A standout feature of the library’s construction is the extensive use of mass timber (CLT panels, glulam beams, and glulam cladding).  In cooperation with JE Dunn, the incredible design and consultant team, Mercer Mass Timber, and our Trade Partners True North Steel, Seagate was hired for Design Assist and worked on overall constructability to ensure a seamless installation on site.  This included a massive physical mockup in Seagate’s shop in British Columbia, Canada to help assess and finalize connections and solutions for site.

The roof structure on this building features an intricate triangular beam pattern, which follows the curvature of the roof, supporting visible CLT panels and the soil and landscaping above. This roof structure is supported by steel columns wrapped with round glulam segments, complete with hidden connections.  The majority of columns on site have 6 beam connections, with each beam resting at a different elevation to allow for the roof height and domelike shape, mimicking the top of the bluff this structure sits upon. Seagate will be a part of erecting every single piece of steel and mass timber that makes up this amazing structure.

  • Location – Medora, North Dakota
  • Year Completed – 2024
  • Architect – Snohetta + JLG Architects
  • Client – JE Dunn
  • Owner – TRPL Foundation