BCIT Tall Timber Student House

Project Details
Project Details

The 12-storey BCIT Tall Timber Student Housing project is a new addition to the BCIT campus that will significantly enhance student life by underlining BCIT’s commitment to sustainability and addressing the need for affordable, cleaner, and greener student housing. Spanning approximately 170,000 sq. ft., the project features two perpendicular rectangular wings and offers 470 new dormitory units.

Showcasing BC’s expertise in hybrid mass timber construction, this new building is designed to meet the highest level of the BC Energy Step Code program. The tower utilizes a Point-Supported CLT structure consisting of mass timber (CLT) floors supported on steel HSS columns. The use of steel columns and wide-format panels allows the columns to be fully encapsulated within the demising walls between units, ensuring unobstructed living spaces.

By using CLT made from locally abundant trees, the project supports sustainable forestry practices and positively contributes to climate change mitigation and economic resilience. Ledcor has been a driving force as a GC on this project uniting a team of mass timber and envelope experts to erect the point supported CLT and steel columns and enclose this unique project in under 5 months.  Working closely with Kalesnikoff Mass Timber and Flynn Canada, Seagate has been responsible for the mass timber and vertical support steel installation from start to finish.

  • Location – Burnaby, BC
  • Year Completed – 2024
  • Architect – Perkins & Will
  • Client – Ledcor
  • Owner – BCIT