10 Advantages Mass Timber Construction Has Over Concrete Construction

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Concrete and wood have been the staple materials for construction for years. However, wood offers a lot more potential and advantages.

Concrete as a material has been used in construction for centuries, but the style we use now, Portland cement was invented in 1824. Wood, on the other hand, has been used since the dawn of time. There is evidence of wood construction dating back to at least 10,000 years.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use mass timber:

1. Timber or wood is easy, cheap, and light to work with

Timber is a natural resource that is almost always available. Wood can also be used sustainably so that it never runs out.

2. Wood Construction is More Effective

It is a powerful solution for rapid-turn, design-build firms for projects in town, job sites where it is hard to plan for concrete delivery and mixing.

3. Mass timber pieces can be prefabricated off-site and delivered swiftly

This can speed up construction time and efficiency.

4. Project savings and supply chain improvements

Wood is readily available making it easier to acquire.

5. Foundation cost savings

Wood’s light weight can lessen foundation needs, hence reducing foundation expenses.

6. Labor availability

Expert wood contractors are readily available, and different workers can learn wood-construction skills faster than learning how to use concrete.

7. Environmental savings

Wood requires less energy from its harvest time to the manufacturing process.

8. Lower greenhouse gas emissions

According to the studies done, they show that wood construction offers lower greenhouse emissions, uses less water, and creates less air pollution.

9. Sustainability certification

With wood, it is easier to get third-party certification for your project. This improves a building’s marketability and value.

10. Reinforced concrete will have internal corrosion problems unless special precautions are taken

Mass timber doesn’t have these problems and doesn’t require the same level on ongoing maintenance. This gives mass timber a longer service life in buildings.

We think it’s high time construction took wood more seriously and moved back to wood and away from concrete where possible. Mass timber construction is our business.

Seagate Mass Timber is leading the revolution in “Big Wood” being used in all areas of construction. Seagate has offices in British Columbia, Canada and the US in Washington state.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your construction project, please call us at (604) 529-7685.

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