Benefits of Large Timber Frame Construction

by May 29, 2019Mass Timber, Wood Building Construction General0 comments

Timber frame construction is generally the go to for small commercial or residential structure. Most large buildings have typically been constructed from steel framing. However, there are many reasons to consider large timber framing for your large wood building construction. Some of the benefits include:

  • Building Time
  • Cost
  • Strength
  • Sustainability

Building Time

Timber framing can be prefabricated and quickly erected on the construction site, especially compared to steel or masonry structures. Prefabrication does require initial time, so some planning ahead is required at the start, but once the timbers arrive, the process is very quick.


The material cost of large timber frame can be similar to other construction materials, but the cost savings may be realized in the reduction to labour cost with the speed up in on-site building. Another cost advantage is that the overall costs tend to be more predictable when buying a prefabricated product.


When constructed and built correctly, large timber frame construction projects are strong and durable. They are resistant to rot and decay, requiring a high moisture content before they would rot or be susceptible to insects. The risk of fire in a wood framed building is no greater than those built with other structural materials. As long as the wood structure is properly protected from the elements, a wood structure is considered to be highly-durable.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, large timber frame construction projects are environmentally responsible and sustainable. Timber is a renewable resource, and an increase in timber demand will encourage more forest growth to meet the supply.

As you can see, there are a number of advantages and benefits to large timber frame construction. Make sure you consider it for your next large building project.

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