Does Mass Timber Have a Role in Affordable Housing?

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The choice of material has a noticeable impact on the cost of housing in Vancouver. Mass timber is viewed as a revolutionary material for the Vancouver housing market. This is because mass timber is affordable, sustainable, easy to install, and very durable.

In this article, we will explore the growing role that mass timber can play in developing affordable housing.

Mass Timber Is Affordable

Mass timber can potentially play a sizable impact on the Vancouver housing market due to its inexpensive price. It is a lot cheaper to produce than both concrete and steel.

Mass timber is also sourced from British Columbia, meaning there are often fewer transportation costs for Vancouver developments.

Mass Timber Is Sustainable

Mass timber is created through sustainable practices using trees found within British Columbia. In addition to being environmentally friendly from its production perspective, mass timber is also energy efficient from a usage perspective.

Mass Timber Is Easy to Install

Installing mass timber is a flexible and easy process. The wooden pieces can be shaped to fit into any sized space due to their lightweight nature. Mass timber often comes prefabricated making it incredibly easy to install on-site. A conventional wooden home can take up to 12 weeks to build, while a mass timber home can be installed in 6 weeks, including the framing.

Mass Timber Is Durable

Mass timber buildings are designed to last longer than other wooden buildings, making them appealing for affordable housing projects. Furthermore, mass timber is resistant to fire, rain, and high winds. This makes mass timber ideal for new housing developments in areas that are vulnerable to natural disasters.

The Role of Mass Timber for Vancouver Housing

Vancouver’s housing market has gone through many changes over the years. Affordable units are becoming increasingly harder to obtain because of the high price of land, materials, and new development fees.

With mass timber, developers can obtain the same benefits of high-quality materials at a much lower cost. The potential savings of using mass timber will hopefully encourage the development of more affordable housing projects.

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