How Has CLT Advanced Tall Wood Building Construction

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Cross-laminated timber, or CLT, is changing tall wood building construction as we know it. As tall wood buildings become trendier in BC, the use of prefabricated CLT continues to rise. This unique form of wood reduces construction time and adds a stylish aesthetic to any building.

In this article, we will discuss what cross-laminated timber is and the advantages of using cross-laminated timber.

What is Cross-Laminated Timber?

Cross-laminated timber is made by stacking and pressing layers of dried wood together. The layers are bonded with adhesives and formed into the desired shape. The main strength of cross-laminated timber is how the wood is layered.

With CLT, each new layer is placed perpendicular to the previous one. As a result, CLT is much stronger than conventional wood structures. Because they get stronger as they are stacked, CLT is ideal for tall wood buildings.

What Are the Benefits of Cross-Laminated Timber for Tall Wood Construction?

Tall wood construction is the industry where CLT has seen the most usage. Not only are the lumber boards strong, but they are also efficient to produce. Cross-laminated timber effectively uses material and produces little to no on-site waste.

The pieces are assembled and cut to size ahead of time. This precision and detail make the installation process significantly quicker. Plus, CLT is easy to transport since the panels are flat and wide, making them easier to move around than steel, concrete, or masonry.

Which Mass Timber Construction Companies use CLT?

At this point, you are likely a little intrigued by the potential of CLT. The truth is this article has barely scratched the surface of what cross-laminated timber can do. If you want to know more about CLT, it’s time to contact an expert.

Seagate Mass Timber is a trusted mass timber construction company that knows the intricacies of tall wood building constructions. Our team of architects and designers love the aesthetic and structural advantages of timber. We can find the best way to use CLT in any upcoming construction project.

Seagate Mass Timber is leading the revolution in “Big Wood” being used in all areas of construction. Seagate has offices in British Columbia, Canada and the US in Washington state.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your construction project, please call us at (604) 529-7685.

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