How Has the Rise of Mass Timber Construction Affected the Forestry Sector?

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The use of mass timber continues to rise, and so does its impact on the forestry sector. It has created new jobs and opportunities for thousands. It has also made certain projects possible, and others more efficient. But with it has come many questions of its sustainability.

As mass timber construction takes off, many people are wondering what the lasting impact will be.

The Impact of Mass Timber Impact on Forestry Sector

Advocates insist that it is revolutionizing the construction industry. They also believe that it could be part of the solution for climate change. Some, on the other hand, question whether the logging and manufacturing needed to make new material offset any benefits.

When it comes to its effect on the forestry sector, it is up to the mass timber construction companies and the construction industry as a whole to work with ecologists and foresters. This will help ensure that the future of mass timber construction promotes biodiversity.

Certain forests and areas should have special protection and remain off-limits to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. They should only cut what is allowed.

Before Sustainable Mass Timber Construction

Today, wood is becoming a preferred building material for almost every project. This is thanks to its reliability and versatility. During the 19th and 20th centuries, however, concrete and steel were the preferred building materials. Wood on the other hand was considered a lesser and often forgotten building material.

This meant that construction professionals and homeowners more or less ignored wood. They often assumed it would be unsafe. Recent research, however, shows that wood construction can be very safe. Furthermore, unlike steel and concrete, mass timber is an environmentally friendly product. This is why the popularity of sustainable mass timber construction continues to grow.

After Sustainable Mass Timber Constructions

Around the world, many builders are looking back to timber as the forefront of building materials. Today, there are new and innovative ways of building anything with mass timber products.

The 8-story Carbon 12 building located in Portland, Oregon, is a good example of an innovative mass timber building. It is one of the tallest commercial structures in the world built from mass timber.

Benefits of Mass Timber Construction

Structures built out of wood have many benefits. Some of the top reasons why mass timber construction is so popular today include:

  • Wood is a great insulator.
  • Wood is aesthetically beautiful.
  • Mass timber construction is environmentally friendly because trees are a renewable and sustainable resource.
  • Wooden structures are quicker to build, which means that you will save money.

Impact Moving Forward

One cannot deny that it has had a big impact on the forestry sector. Environmentalists, mass timber construction companies, and architects continually work to find more sustainable means of production.

This involves reducing their carbon footprint by producing less waste. But also, a focus on planting as much as they cut. For this industry to be sustainable there must always be a focus on renewing the natural resources.

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