Seagate State of the Union

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Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate the holiday season and the end of another great year at Seagate. This year we celebrated our 9th Seagate Christmas party. As we enter our 10th year, we certainly have come a long way since Czorny and the original 6 Seagate employees.

Seagate State of the Union

For Seagate Mass Timber 2019 has been a year of change.

As most everyone knows we have some new partners now and a new company name Seagate Mass Timber, Inc. The new partners are, Andrew Cameron, Tyler Pasquil, Dan Marsolais, John Sharp and Jim Bond. These 5 new partners join myself and Cathie as owners of Seagate Mass Timber. This new ownership will allow SMT to grow and to take on more and bigger projects and will create more opportunities for our employees. Seagate is already seen as an industry leader in mass timber installations and as the market grows we will be able to grow along with it. Every week our pipeline of work is growing and 2020 will be our biggest year to date and will include starting our biggest job to date and the largest mass timber project in the USA at Market Square in Cleveland. So hang on tight this is going to be fun!

Another part of the changes in 2019 is to bring more structure to Seagate with more management and supervision. To help with that we are very lucky to have some new faces that were added in 2019 including Randy Famulak (general foreman), Devon Parkinson (project manager) and Dan Graham (operations manager). Unfortunately, this takes me away from doing some of the jobs I used to do and love – standing walls, doing layout, installing stairs. But I still try to get out to the jobs as much as I can and it always makes my day a better day when I can see all of you and say thanks

Looking back on 2019 we had some great projects…

  1. MEC Flagship Store
  2. Clayton Heights Community Centre
  3. Di Residence
  4. Hastings and Carleton
  5. Panorama Park
  6. Site D UBC
  7. Fulton House Trellis
  8. Squamish Warehouse
  9. Lot 4 UBC
  10. Parc Cladding
  11. The Beverly
  12. The Crest
  13. Opal Trellis
  14. Maddaugh Road Elementary
  15. Macaulay Point
  16. Discovery Centre
  17. Our prefab plant in Chilliwack which is doing all of our fab and PET as well

That was a lot of work. Congratulations to everyone who helped make these jobs a success!

Looking forward to 2020 we already have several jobs in the pipeline…

  1. Finish The Crest
  2. The Grange at Discovery Centre
  3. The Red Barn at Discovery Centre
  4. Fast + Epp Office
  5. Pyrahh Jewelry
  6. South Burnaby Arena
  7. Elizabeth Fry
  8. Market Square
  9. And many more that are imminent

So we are going to have a busy year and we are going to create lots of opportunities for you to grow your careers, take on more responsibilities, tackle new challenges, earn more money and achieve more of your personal goals. Because, helping our employees achieve their personal goals is really what to be the result of our efforts. If Seagate is successful at that, then we will be successful as a company. So before 2020 starts I want you all to take the time and write down 5 personal goals. Just write them down on a piece of paper and put them away. And be sure to make some of the goals beyond your wildest dreams!

Buy a new car

Buy a new house

Take a vacation to Europe

Finish my apprenticeship

Pay my son’s university tuition

Become a foreman

Do an Ironman

Get married and raise a family

Here is a little secret I have learned. That’s really all you have to do. Write them down and go about your life. 10 years ago shortly after I got the very first Seagate contract for $600,000 I wrote down that I wanted to do $20m per year in revenue. I had no idea how that could ever happen but that didn’t matter. In 2020, 10 years later Seagate will do over $20mil in revenue. So dream big and stay in the present and let the world figure out how it will happen. Try it. It works!

Thanks again everyone. Seagate is so lucky to have the great men and women that we do and I am so exited about what the coming years will bring.

Ralph Austin, President of Seagate Mass Timber, Inc

Ralph Austin President Seagate Mass Timber

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