The Benefits Of Prefab Construction

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What are the benefits of prefab construction?

Improved Scheduling

One of the greatest advantages prefab construction has over traditional framing is improved scheduling. Walls, stairs, floors and roofs can be built ahead of time. As soon as the foundations are complete the structure is ready to be assembled. On a typical 50 unit apartment complex we can trim one month off the construction timeline.

Quality Control

Another benefit to prefab is quality. Elements are built in one contained and controlled location by a small, trained and specialized crew, the quality of construction can be much superior to traditional stick-frame construction. By it’s very nature prefab requires a careful review of plans and specifications well in advance of the installations. The result is that any problems or conflicts that we notice can be resolved long before they become an onsite issue.

Onsite Trades Coordination

Prefab construction is also a huge benefit when it comes to coordinating the subtrades. Potential trade conflicts can be resolved well in advance. Before and during the prefab process we work closely with other forming contractors, plumbers, electricians and other trades to discuss and resolve any potential problems before they become bigger problems.

Fewer Accidents

Because so much of the work is done in a safe, clean and well organized location and at grade, prefab results in much fewer accidents and injuries.

Material Cost Savings

Another benefit of prefab over stick framing is material usage. Because almost all of the material for the project is delivered, cut and assembled at the prefab site, there is much greater control over material usage. Offcuts are saved and recut as blocking. Prefab typically saves 10% in lumber costs.

A Tidy Jobsite Is a Safer Jobsite

General contractors know that housekeeping is one of the ongoing issues on the jobsite.
prefab results in a much tidier jobsite. During installation there is very little onsite cutting and as a result there is very little. Using prefab, waste can be reduced up to 30%, allowing the owner or general contractor to collect valuable LEED points.

Prefabrication can be used for all types of buildings:

  • apartment buildings
  • townhouses
  • commercial buildings
  • custom homes
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