The Seagate Insider – Volume 2

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There is a revolution beginning in how we build our cities.

Mass timber combined with digital prefabrication is providing lighter, stronger, more precise structures that are built faster, quieter, smarter and safer.

Material optimization, Comprehensive 3D modeling, CNC prefabrication, just in time logistics and precision installations are some of the key success criteria that are driving the revolution.

We are very excited about this smarter way to build and are dedicating our efforts to help develop these five success criteria and keep the revolution moving forward.

Come join us.

What we’ve been up to

We’ve been busy working at our business, and we’ve been busy working on our business. Read below to check out some of the current projects.

Our major initiatives are currently:

  • developing new project opportunities in Canada and the US;
  • seeking new partnerships with others to develop new mass timber solutions; and
  • developing some definitive mass timber products that make it easier for developers to take their project from concept to completion.

If any of this sounds like something you are interested in, get in touch!

Lights, Camera, UBC Virtuoso

Currently, we are proud to be focusing our mass timber efforts at the Adera’s six story multifamily development at UBC in Vancouver, among others. UBC Virtuoso is the first multi-family residential project in North America to make extensive use of cross laminated timber (CLT) The project features CLT for all the floors, roofs, balconies and elevator shaft. Here’s a great video of one of our terrific Project Managers, Nate Bergen explaining the process for installing this building this project in just 12 weeks!

Fabrication Facility

We’re happy to announce that as of July 1, 2017 Seagate is opening the doors to a new fabrication facility in Chilliwack, BC. Here we’ll be working on material preparation and staging so when product lands on site it’s the best and most organized in the industry. We also plan to start working on some passivehaus panel systems. Everyone is very excited to move our operations under a single roof and to see where it leads us!

Seagate Structures USA!

Seagate Structures is full bore on its first and second ever projects in the United States of America. USA Project number one consists of a test structure which is a 2-story full scale mass timber building with the resilient rocking wall system. This structure will be built on a shake table at the University of San Diego. Click here to read more.

USA Project number two is the Lark Hotel Expansion in Bozeman, Montana. A very cool revision to an old structure featuring mass timber! Click here to read more.

Seagate Structures USA

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