The Seagate Insider – Volume 3

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There is a revolution beginning in how we build our cities.

Mass timber combined with digital prefabrication is providing lighter, stronger, more precise structures that are built faster, quieter, smarter and safer.

Material optimization, Comprehensive 3D modeling, CNC prefabrication, just in time logistics and precision installations are some of the key success criteria that are driving the revolution.

We are very excited about this smarter way to build and are dedicating our efforts to help develop these five success criteria and keep the revolution moving forward.

Come join us.

What we’ve been up to

We’ve been busy working at our business, and we’ve been busy working on our business. Read below to check out some of the current projects.

Our major initiatives are currently:

  •  developing new project opportunities in Canada and the US;
  • commencing our lean journey by developing the Seagate Way and the Seagate Production System;
  • seeking new partnerships with others to develop new mass timber solutions; and
  • developing some definitive mass timber products that make it easier for developers to take their project from concept to completion.

If any of this sounds like something you are interested in, get in touch!

Brock Commons Opens to Students

Brock Commons – Tallwood House, as it’s come to be called opened to students this summer. The tallest mass timber hybrid building in the world at 53 metres is home to over 400 students who enjoy its central location, spectacular views and unique building features.

Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. has recently completed a series of wonderful videos about the project that you can watch below:

Chapter 1 – Project Overview

Chapter 2 – Design Process

Chapter 3 – Construction Process

Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design – KPU Richmond Takes Shape

KPU Work In ProgressKwantlen Polytechnic Institute is about to become home to a completed Mass Timber Hybrid beauty. This 4 story glulam post and beam structure was built with composite concrete floor slabs, glulam and CLT open air cafe, along with fully glazed curtain wall exterior walls.

Seagate provided all 3D structural modelling for engineering and fabrication as well as procurement and logistics for the import and delivery of 23 containers of Glulam and CLT shipped from Austria to Richmond BC, ready for install. Upon arrival the Glulam and CLT install was integrated with Mechanical & Electrical, Q-deck, Concrete, and Steel trades simultaneously, dramatically improving the schedule and overall costs

The state-of-the-art expansion was made possible by a generous $12-million gift from Shannon and Chip Wilson, and lululemon athletica; a donation matched by both the province and KPU.

Fabulous Fabrication Facility

As of July 1, 2017 Seagate opened the doors to a new fabrication facility in Chilliwack, BC and we’re already expanding. Currently we are busy pre-fabbing a number of multifamily projects and working on various mass timber jobs.

We’re now working on integrating lean processes into our activities to reduce waste and increase value!


Shake Table Action!

Recently Seagate made it’s way down to San Diego to shake the living daylights out of some mass timber. On July 27 Seagate lent a hand to Katerra to test a new kind of seismic shear wall system that allows mass timber buildings to absorb energy and flex horizontally.

Collectively, the CLT performed as well as steel or concrete. However, in the event of an earthquake, Katerra’s wall system allows the damaged connection devices on the building to be pulled out and replaced, often within just hours, rather than scrapping the whole structure – something not possible with steel or concrete.

To read more, click here.

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