What Are the Advantages of Mass Timber Construction Over Wood-Frame Construction?

by Apr 20, 2020Mass Timber0 comments

Wood construction has always been a popular building material. However, there are also some surprising advantages of using mass timber over traditional wood framing. Here are some of those advantages:

Bigger buildings

You can build taller buildings because tradition wood framing codes limit construction to six floors.

Acoustic improvements

It’s easier to achieve good acoustic ratings between floors with mass timber. Using traditional wood framing techniques in flooring requires more work, more wood, and is more expensive.

Building is faster

This is because of the considerable prefabrication options and planning that can be used with mass timber. This kind of advance planning is not available with wood framing.


The scheduling is improved during construction because using mass timber requires a smaller crew. The extensive digital prefabrication also speeds things up (see above).

Fire Resistance

Mass timber is more fire resistant than traditional wood framing. This makes for a safer worksite and safer building.

Mass timber construction is perfectly suited for all manner of commercial buildings including supermarkets, multi-family housing, big recreational centres, and schools. Sustainability advocates, builders, and architects say that mass timber construction can lessen greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste, battle pollution, and create a beautiful healthy surrounding.

Big wood is our business. If you are considering using mass timber construction and wondering whether you should move from traditional wood framing to mass timber, we would love to talk to you.

Seagate Mass Timber is leading the revolution in “Big Wood” being used in all areas of construction. Seagate has offices in British Columbia, Canada and the US in Washington state. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your construction project, please call us at (604) 529-7685.

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