What are the Benefits of Pre-Fab Timber Construction?

by Apr 20, 2018Mass Timber, Prefabrication0 comments

The home construction industry is seeing a transformation lately with the increase in popularity of pre-fabricated construction for homes. Pre-fab timber construction sees a wide variety of benefits from environmental, to quality, to speed of construction, and even financial benefits.

Environmental Benefits

The carbon footprint of a pre-fabricated home is considerably smaller than the carbon footprint of a comparable home built on-site. Since most of the construction process of completed in a production facility, rather than on-site, the use of shipping and construction vehicles is significantly cut back. Additionally, this means that less building materials are used, and far less product is wasted.

Quality Benefits

Because the pre-fabricated timber is produced in a controlled facility, a much higher degree of precision and quality is attained during the construction phase. Materials are able to be better protected from weather, and kept uniform and undamaged – leading to a higher quality end result.

Speed of Construction Benefits

A pre-fabricated home takes far less time to build than a house built on-site. This is because in a production facility, production is precise and not affected by weather or material delays. Once shipped to the build site, the pre-fab timber can be assembled in a matter of days.

Financial Benefits

Because the pre-fab process is so efficient, the build can cost far less to the consumer. The amount of labour and building materials required is moderated significantly comparing to regular construction, plus the benefit of not wasting any supplies due to weather, theft, or vandalism – as everything is kept in the production facility.

When looking to build a home, pre-fabrication is gaining in popularity thanks to a faster, easier, and cheaper process that is easier on the environment.

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