What are the VCRA Awards?

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The Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) awards are an annual recognition of excellence for local companies commitments to quality and professionalism. The VRCA awards are a nomination based system, with each nominee being reviewed by a panel of judges. The nomination is based on a project that has been substantially completed within the previous two calendar years. These judges look at criteria including:

  • Presentation
  • Financial Performance
  • Schedule
  • Value Engineering, Innovations & Bidding Process
  • Challenges
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Safety Record
  • Site Co-operation
  • Material Management
  • Quality
  • Patent Rights

Once nominations have been received and reviewed, 3 nominations will be selected for Silver Awards from each of the 15 categories. These categories include:

  • General Contractors – Tenant Improvement
  • General Contractors – Up to $15 Million
  • General Contractors – $15 Million to $50 Million
  • General Contractors – Over $50 Million
  • Trade Contractors – Up to $1 Million
  • Trade Contractors – $1 Million to $2 Million
  • Trade Contractors – $2 Million to $4 Million
  • Trade Contractors – Over $4 Million
  • Mechanical Contractors – Up to $3 Million
  • Mechanical Contractors – $3 Million to $9 Million
  • Mechanical Contractors – Over $9 Million
  • Electrical Contractors – Up to $2 Million
  • Electrical Contractors – $2 Million to $8 Million
  • Electrical Contractors – Over $8 Million
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers

On the night of the Gala, one of these Silver Award winners from each category will be selected as the Gold Award Winner.

Winning a VRCA Gold Award is not only a huge accomplishment, but also an important one, as any company selected for a Gold Award has shown excellence in each of the criteria points, and has beaten out the direct competition. This award highlights companies and contractors of choice, and is a great addition to the resume of the winning company. When hiring a company or contractor, look for VRCA recognition. Seagate Structures is a 2018 Gold Award Winner, and a great partner for your next project.

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