What is Next in Mass Timber Construction?

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Mass timber is continually seeing more and more use in construction projects across the world. Mass timber is lauded for its versatility, affordability, and renewability. As a result of its positive impact on the environment and for construction projects, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for mass timber construction.

Some of the exciting additions include:

Government Support

So far, BC has already announced that it will provide additional funding for mass timber research projects. It has also set up an advisory council with the intent of promoting and adopting mass timber in more building projects across the province.

The production and sales of mass timber is a vital and effective for remote BC communities to boost their struggling economy as a result of Covid-19. Being able to use our local and natural resources sustainably and beneficially has the Canadian government excited about the potential of mass timber moving forward.

New Architectural Styles

As the number of mass timber construction projects continues to increase, so will the designs and ideas behind them. We are continually seeing and hearing innovative uses for mass timber.

Timber lofts, for instance, are one of the newer trends in mass timber construction. The first timber loft was a renovation of a century-old loft. The design team struggled to find the right resources until they discovered mass timber.

The results of the project sent shockwaves throughout the construction world, as it showed that mass timber can reduce construction time, blend into various aesthetics, and provide a green and sustainable material for reducing climate change.

Improved Affordability

This might be something every Canadian citizen can relate to at the moment. Affordable housing is becoming increasingly rare. Construction costs continue to rise and that is often levied onto the consumer.

However, mass timber can be one of our most effective solutions for real affordable housing. That is because it is so versatile, it can be used on existing structures to create additional homes. Buildings can now add new floors at a much more affordable rate than ever before.

As we said earlier, 2021 may be the start of mass timber construction becoming mainstream. As we move forward, we expect to see a continued surge in mass timber construction projects. There has never been a better time to use mass timber than now.

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