What Makes Mass Timber Installation Unique?

by Feb 28, 2019Mass Timber, Mass Timber Projects0 comments

Mass Timber constructions utilizes large, prefabricated wood pieces for walls, flooring and roof of various construction projects. Mass timber installation is different then more traditional construction, and has a few things that make it unique.

Faster Construction Time

Because mass timber is prefabricated off site, each piece is able to be built to specific specifications for each individual construction project. What makes this unique is the fact that this leads to much shorter on-site construction. These building can be assembled as much as 25% faster than traditional concrete structures, and the of skilled workers required on-site can also be reduced, making the logistics of the job easier.

Reduced Waste

Another unique property of mass timber installation is a reduction in waste. As the panels are prefabricated and manufactured specific for each application, there is little to no waste once they arrive at the construction site. Traditional construction generally results in bins and bins full of construction waste. Even better, while undergoing manufacturing, any scraps can be recycled and reused by the manufacturer for a number of other purposes.

Cost Effectiveness

Mass timer installation is also cost effective when compared to traditional construction. The material cost is estimated to be similar to that of traditional concrete and steel structures. Mass timber construction also carries the benefits of cost savings with the shorter erection time. Overall mass timber installation can be cost effective option.

Faster construction times, reduced waste and overall cost effective are just some of the unique features of mass timer installation. There are also a number of other benefits to the use of mass timber products.

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