What Makes Mass Timber the Future of Construction

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New and innovative wood buildings continue to be a global trend. Modern advances in wood technology allow for builder taller and larger with wood alone. Mass timber design and construction utilizes large, prefabricated wood members for all aspects of building; walls, roof and floor.

Mass timber is the future of construction. There are a number of reasons for this new trend, such as:

  • Fire Resistance
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Strength and Durability

Mass timber construction companies love to brag about the fire resistance of the product. It might seem backward that a wood-based product is highly fire resistance, but such is the case with mass timber. Cross laminated timber not only has high fire resistance, but is also able to remain structurally stable when subjected to high temperatures, unlike traditional steel structures.

Further, mass timber is environmentally sustainable. Mass timber is often composed of SPF (spruce-pine-fir) which are all renewable tree resources. In addition, mass timber panels can be formed, glued and pressed off site, and shipped straight to the job site for quick and easy building erection, reducing fuel cost and other resource consumption.

The inherent form and structure of mass timber provides a high load-bearing strength, allowing it to serve as both vertical and horizontal components. It is a viable alternative to concrete and steel.

These three great reasons all contribute to mass timber being the future of construction.

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