What Makes Wood Aesthetically Pleasing?

by Mar 25, 2019Wood Building Construction General0 comments

Wooden building construction is more popular then ever. Big, beautiful buildings are being constructed with more timber, and less steel and concrete. There are the obvious benefits to wood construction such as sustainability and cost, but perhaps most important is that wood is just so aesthetically pleasing.

There is not a single reason as to why we like the looks of wood. In fact, a combination of colour, texture, grain and figure all work together to create the uniqueness that wood brings.

Wood comes in all sorts of colours depending on the species and even specific cuts. Yellows, browns, almond tones, oranges and red shades are just some of the many different colours that wood provide. Even throughout a single timber, there may be some combination or shades of different colours.

Texture also contributes to the visual appeal of wood. Coarse or fine grained woods bring different attributes and characteristics to its overall appeal. Even without actually touching the wood, the textures are visible and pleasing.

Grain does not refer to the pattern on the wood (that’s figure) but instead to the striations and direction of growth of the wood cells. Grain can run straight, circular, interlocked or even in spirals, giving a natural and unique look.

Finally figure. As previously mentioned, figure refers to the unique pattern on the wood, which is ultimately a combination of factors including colour deposits and grain growth.

Together, these features create the beauty and aesthetic appeal that wood provides. It might be a biological sense of loving the natural, or a learned and societal taste, but whatever the reason, wood looks good. So for your next building, consider commercial timber construction.

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