What’s New in Timber Frame Construction

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Timber frame construction is one of the most popular types of building methods for homes all over North America, and even in parts of Europe.

What is a Timber Frame Home

Every timber frame structure is made of a few key components:

  • Studs are vertical wooden members within the walls;
  • Joists are horizontal wooden beams that support the floors;
  • Rafters are sloping wooden beams that support the roof;
  • Sheathing are the sheets that are nailed over the studs to connect them securely and form the wall surfaces; and
  • Siding is the exterior cladding that covers the walls from the outside.

What are the Benefits of Timber Frame?

Timber frame has many benefits, some of the most common reasons for using this method are:

  • It is light weight;
  • Allows quick construction;
  • Able to adapt itself to any geometric shape;
  • There are a large variety of products and systems that work with this type of construction.

What is New in Timber Frame Construction?

As of recently, things are looking great from the timber frame industry. According to some, the future of all construction is in wood construction materials. In the early days, wood was a dominant building material for both commercial and residential properties but it gradually gave way to other materials such as concrete and steel as heights of buildings started to grow.

With new safety and engineering insights into timber, tall wood buildings are starting to make a strong comeback. Additionally, programs are being looked into by the federal government to encourage wood use as a green initiative.

In North America, timber frame is one of the most popular building methods for home construction – and it is gaining in popularity quickly.

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