Why Wood Is the Building Material of the Future and How to Overcome the Stigma

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Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached with wood construction. Due to this, contractors tend to overlook some significant advantages to using wood in construction.

The benefits of wood as a building material are prominent. When compared to other products on the market wood is the top choice for environmental effects and performance. Furthermore, wood is relatively light and outperforms steel at supporting its own weight. Wood also doesn’t need as much structural support along its length as steel does.

Wood and wood products have enormous potential across different sectors, from musical instruments to aerospace, construction, and furniture. Wood-based products and particularly things like wood biomass have a huge potential to assist in solving the challenges of climate change. Cross-laminated timber (CLT), fibreboard, and chipboard are highly useful in wood construction, and are environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the benefits of using wood in construction–benefits that are not always understood or fully appreciated.

1. Tensile strength

Wood has been known to be lighter compared to steel. Research has shown that timber can support its own weight better.

2. Heat and electrical resistance

Timber is resistant to electrical conduction when dried to the appropriate moisture content.

3. Sound absorption

Wood minimizes echos in offices and living spaces. Timber absorbs sound rather than amplifying or reflecting it, and can reduce noise levels compared to metal products.

4. Beauty

Aesthetic options for wood are limitless in addition to providing different thermal, mechanical, and acoustic properties.

5. Wood is renewable

Wood can be regrown or grown via natural processes, unlike metals or concrete. Wood can be replanted through forestry management plans. Many people don’t realize that wood can be used in a renewable and environmentally friendly way.

6. Wood enhances energy efficiency

Wood can also make a home much more energy efficient as it is a better insulator than plastic or steel. This will save homes from expensive heating and cooling bills.

We want the public to realize that wood is a great choice in construction, and we’re paving the way for more builders to use wood.

Seagate Mass Timber is leading the revolution in “Big Wood” being used in all areas of construction. Seagate has offices in British Columbia, Canada and the US in Washington state.

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